RM 620 Roadway Improvements

RTG prepared the geometric schematic and environmental documents for proposed improvements on RM 620 from SH 71 to Hudson Bend. The project widened approximately eight miles of existing four-lane divided roadway with a continuous left-turn lane into a six-lane divided urban roadway with raised medians and channelized turn lanes. With a portion of the project located in the environmentally sensitive Edwards Aquifer contributing zone, our drainage design included the addition of stormwater treatment to the impacted detention ponds to provide the required treatment for runoff.

Extreme topography along the project corridor made it challenging to identify impacts to driveways for adjacent properties and structures. The wider road and additional width of the shared-use path across the driveways resulted in extended driveway lengths causing additional impacts. Additionally, the proposed improvements required approximately 35 acres of new right-of-way from approximately 232 parcels. We provided solutions for driveway impacts including a 3D model to be used during meetings with over 200 affected property owners. RTG and TxDOT used these meetings to explain the ROW needs, acquisition process, and in some cases, were able to incorporate revisions beneficial to the property owners into our design.

Project Information

TxDOT Austin District
Travis County, TX
Project Limits
SH 71 to Hudson Bend
January 29, 2020